Five Things I Want To Help You With On Your Learning At Home Journey

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I created this blog to help you to navigate through your little one’s unique journey of learning at home. You’re brand new to this or maybe you’re a seasoned homeschooler, or you’re somewhere in between. Perhaps your child goes to school and you would love some additional ideas you can do at home. Maybe you’re an early childhood teacher looking for something different to do with your students.

I am here to provide inspiration and guidance as I share my journey with you. My current journey is just beginning and I’m doing it with you. As I write this, my daughter is almost two-and-a-half years old. We’re learning so much together at home. Every day is something new.

Though I have experience as a trained Early Childhood (3-6) Montessori teacher, I can’t pinpoint any one thing that has prepared me for the wonderful gift of being a mom. One thing that I do know is that my experience as a classroom teacher and as a mom has taught me that I am always learning. The children teach us.

1. I want to help you feel confident in your daily routine, your plan, and your workspace.

As a parent, daily life can get busy and overwhelming. If you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, chances are your child will pick up on this energy and become stressed as well. Every day is different, especially with a little one. If you can come up with a daily routine, a plan, and a comfortable workspace that works for you and your child you’ll notice a difference in your overall day. This will help to reduce stress levels and enhance your overall well-being.

I’m just starting out. I’m documenting our homeschool life with a toddler approaching preschool age. I’m learning as I go. I’m on this journey with you. From my experience as a Montessori classroom teacher, every adult is different and every child is different. Routines, plans, and workspaces will look a little bit different for everyone. It will change over time, as well.

2. I want to help inspire you to try new activities with your child.

As I try new activities with my daughter, I will write about them once per week. You or your child may not like every activity I share and that’s okay. Also, your child may be a little younger or older than my child. I plan to come up with variations of the activities that are workable for different ages and subject preferences. The activities will be inspired by my experience as a trained Montessori classroom teacher, as well as the experiences I’ve had with my daughter.

I’ll also include different types of activities that may not necessarily be Montessori and that’s also okay. I have found over the years as a teacher and a mom that you can tweak almost everything to make the activity Montessori-inspired. It’s a matter of having the intention of child-led learning. We’ll get more into that as we go along.

3. I want to help you feel empowered to come up with new activities for your child to try.

Your child may not like every activity I share. But this may inspire you to create something different to try. This takes practice and trial and error but you will see how it all comes together. You can’t go wrong and you can always learn from experiences that didn’t work so well.

I’ll share some of my hits and misses. But I think it’s important to explore our creative sides and try something new and different. I’ll also talk more about the importance of observing your child so that you know what activities to introduce next. Observation is key in Montessori philosophy. Observing looks a little different at home than in the classroom and I can explain this in more detail as we go on our journey together.

4. I want to help you learn more about how you can bring Montessori into your daily life.

What is Montessori? You’ll get unique descriptions from different people. Why? Because we’re each different. Each Montessori teacher and each Montessori school is unique and beautiful. In my view, Montessori is a verb, not a noun; Montessori is an action, not a thing or place. The most important part about Montessori is that it is child-led learning. In other words, the adult supports and guides the child’s learning; the adult is not really “teaching.”

I will get into more about Montessori philosophy further on in my blog. But another key thing to know is that Montessori philosophy is about the process, not the product. The process is not perfect, but that’s the fun part! That’s what this journey is all about. That’s why I’m here and that’s what this blog is about. Let’s enjoy the process.

5. I want to share my favorite books, toys, activities, and games with you. These are things we use and enjoy at home.

As a new mom, I explore new products and services all the time and I’ll share some of my favorites with you in detail. We’ll analyze new toys, books, and activities over time as my daughter grows. As she grows, her likes and dislikes will change. We’ll explore different subjects and topics from time to time and see how it goes.

I’m sure we’ll come across some surprises as we discover new things we never thought our children would be interested in. Children have different likes and dislikes, as well as different learning styles and preferences. I think it’s good to try new things. I’ll also share some ideas for making similar or alternative activities inexpensively at home, wherever I can!

Concluding thoughts

I look forward to beginning this homeschooling journey and sharing our story with you. I don’t know what to expect or what the future holds, but I know that this will be a learning experience for all of us. Remember to enjoy the process and I am here to inspire and guide you on your unique journey.

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